Player LENS is a beneficial resource to clubs and players by injecting transparency, volume, knowledge and execution solutions to the player loan market in an efficient, effective and harmonious manner.

Player Lens Limited brings a technological solution to the football industry to facilitate the movement of players in the transfer and loan market.

Player Lens delivers first class solution and ground-breaking platform to empower and service football clubs to control player movements across all global professional league structures.

Accessible on tablets, phone and on a desktop, Player LENS offers football clubs a cutting edge solution for placing, searching and requesting players for transfers.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface provides a smooth, wireless solution. Client confidentiality is vital. The Player LENS database is protected by secure log in, data integrity and AES encryption. The exchange, powered by Opta, is data-rich with regard to all of the registered players.

In addition to supporting the exchange's functional capabilities, performance data from Opta, both current and historic, is made available to clubs to assess the available talent.

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