CPL Recruitment 2021

To be considered by the Canadian Premier League for 2021 you must meet the following criteria before registering below:

Player Identity:

  • Players must be born after January 1st, 1997 (23), although the preference is to recruit players from 1999 (21) or later (younger) whenever possible.
  • Players must have history of playing professional senior football. (The CPL will review videos on the Wyscout platform to review career performance.)
  • The players should have played a reasonable amount of senior football in the last two years. 
  • Youth academy releases, without appearances at a senior competitive level will rarely be accepted. 
  • Player must be prepared to join any of the clubs in the Canadian Premier League.
  • There are no nationality restrictions.

Proposed Wages and Benefits

Players should expect an annual salary of CAD $20,000-35,000 per season with CAD $50,000 paid for exceptional talent.

Flights to Canada and accommodation are also included.


The CPL are looking to recruit players now! Pre-season is expected to start in February 2021 and the League will start in march 2021.

Other Opportunities on the Player LENS Platform.

If you do not meet the criteria for the CPL. There are other opportunities on the Player LENS platform. Player LENS unites professional football and offers players a global platform where their services can be offered. 

Players can register with Player LENS and offer themselves to over 600 clubs worldwide. 

After registration, Player LENS creates a digital CV for the player, including wyscout video links and advanced analytics in order to promote a player’s talent with as much information as possible. 

When a club wishes to initiate further negotiations with the player, Player LENS puts the two parties in contact.

If you want to sign up and present yourself to our global network pleased do so at www.playerlens.com/free-agent/

Please remember this service is for professional players only.

Player LENS will only make contact with you of there is interest from the Canadian Premier League

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