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  1. This is not an intermediary or agency service.
  2. We charge an annual subscription fee of £100 per player (or such other custom subscription fee as agreed between you and us). Acceptance onto the platform will be subject to payment of the relevant subscription fee.
  3. In addition to the subscription fee, upon the player represented by the intermediary entering into a transaction with a club identified on the Player LENS platform, the intermediary shall pay Player LENS 20% of the intermediary’s guaranteed gross income resulting from the transaction.
  4. Subscription fees are non-refundable.
  5. Profile advertisements will be valid for an initial 12 months (following which you will have the opportunity to request that your subscription is extended for a further 12 months, subject to payment of a further subscription fee).
  6. Profile advertisements will not be made if a player’s current club does not wish to advertise the player. *
  7. Profile advertisements will not be made if a player does not have a profile with Wyscout or insufficient information is submitted on this form.
  8. Should the player become unavailable, please inform us as soon as possible. If we determine that a player is no longer available, we will remove the player’s availability from our platform.
  9. Where available, we will use Wyscout data and videos, and analytics from Analytics FC, to help promote players as a talent.
  10. Please refer to and read carefully our Intermediaries Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, both of which form part of the overarching “Agreement” between us, before proceeding.



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