The Online Global Transfer Platform For Clubs, Players & Intermediaries​

The Online Global Transfer Platform For Clubs, Players & Intermediaries​​

Download Player LENS 2.0 App Now!

The football market now in the palm of your hand

Download Player LENS 2.0 App Now!

The football market now in the palm of your hand

can make players available for loan or transfer and search for talent from a pool of 1000’s of available players.

can sign up and make themselves available to a network of over 600+ clubs

can see the demand for their players and advertise players to the global network

can use the data, analytics and videos to assess performance.

Desktop and mobile solutions for everyone to execute transfers with ease

Clubs can buy, sell and loan players with our network of over 500 clubs globally

Unregistered players can sign up to find a club

Registered FIFA Intermediaries can also promote their players

Clubs have free access to performance data, advanced analytics and player videos to identify the perfect player







  • 7 Loans
  • 14 Transfers


  • 11 Loans
  • 9 Transfers





  • 3 Loans
  • 4 Transfers

South/North America:

  • 3 Loans
  • 4 Transfers




Player LENS is connected to Wyscout’s video and data library encompassing the most comprehensive suite of football video analysis and player data.
Analytics FC provide Player LENS with big data analytics to evaluate players with a complex algorithm which rewards or penalises every player action on a football pitch based on its effect on a team’s likelihood of scoring or conceding a goal whether that is a tackle in midfield or a penalty kick. A value is then applied to every player-level metric showing their contribution toward the team’s Expected Goals for and against. It has a high level of predictive power at both the team and player level.
Player LENS is a technical partner of the League Managers Association, the collective, representative voice of all managers from the Premier League, the Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet Leagues 1 and 2 and the FA Women's Super League and Championship. Player LENS works with the LMA and their members to enhance their recruitment process.

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