Player Evaluation Tools

Position and Style Rankings

Working with Transfer Lab technology, we provide players with a headline score (0-100) based on their capabilities in different playing positions and styles. To calculate the score, each action in every game is awarded a positive or negative value based on its effect on a team’s likelihood of scoring or conceding during a sequence of possession. 

Specific events are the isolated based on what attributes are key for certain positions and styles. For a wide attacking playmaker, we look at:Expected goals (shots – open play), Expected assists (key passes), Touches in box (Quality), Short passes (Quality), Through balls (Quality), Passes into box (Quality) and Touches in final third (Quality)

We relate a player’s performance of these combined actions to 100,000+ other players globally to get the headline score. We can also see how the attributes compare. Wilfred Zaha scores 96.7 (meaning he is in the top 4% of wide playmakers globally.)

We can use the individual metrics to see his strengths and weaknesses. From the radar chart we can see Zaha needs to get more touches in the box and score more goals to be the perfect Wide Playmaker. 

Value for Money

Our Value for Money Score provides an analysis on how a players’ on-field ability is likely to develop over the course of his career and reflect on his transfer market value.

A player’s attributes vary with age in different ways. For example, a player’s dribbling ability starts to decay at an earlier age than their passing ability.

Each player’s score for each metric is then projected into the future based on how the metric values tend to increase or decrease as players gets older.

Zaha is known as an exciting wide player. His distribution / passing strengths, as seen on the radar chart, are skills that are seen in players with long careers. We project that Zaha will perform at his current level or better (Performance Years) for another 4 years. This means that at 28 years old, if a fair price is paid in the transfer market, there is a 48% chance of the player holding his value for the next 2 years

Player CV

The following is an example of the CV created on the Player LENS platform and shared with all users for all players made available.
Click here for live CV


Bespoke, in-depth, independently written player reports to analyse any player for any club or agent.

An example of a report can be found here.

These reports provide a full data and tactical analysis of the player you wish to profile. This is perfect for a club looking to profile a potential signing or an agent looking to profile a client.

Working with a team of over 20 experienced scouting and tactical analysts, these reports are produced in 24 hours.

The cost per report is £200  if you’d like one please email us at

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